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Unfortunately, neither one gives her space and begin to fight over her. D.J. then says that if they are going to force her to choose, then she would not choose either one and dumps them both. Though she initially does not understand the fascination of the virtual world, Asuna has her mother visit ALO. There, Kyouko discovers that Asuna’s home in ALO looks like her childhood home, a forest-house. Born Hermes Katsopolis (as revealed in the season five episode «The Legend of Ranger Joe»), he was named after his great-grandfather, who in turn is named after the Greek god of swiftness. Added unique class on every Journal module that doesn’t change with cache load. Есть что-то и в финале картины. То, что героиню вдруг называют преступницей, кажется похожим на неприязнь власти (в том числе и СМИ), общества к своим членам, которая, впрочем, взаимна.

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